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Adventure Rafting Elo River

Love Engine | Friday, 25 November 2016 - 17:41:08 WIB | be read: 4227 reader

Elo River is an ideal river to do rafting for families because the cascades are relatively stable and safe in both the dry season and rainy season. Before the adventure begins, a river guide will give you instructions about how to do rafting. He will explain how to hold the paddles, how to wear your lifejacket, and how to rescue members of the group if they fall from the inflatable boat. You don't need to be a good swimmer to do this rafting because you wear a lifejacket and are accompanied by a professional guide. The minimum age to do rafting at Elo River is 8 years old, and children must be accompanied by an older member of the family. The journey begins with everybody sitting tight on the boat, paddling the oars and enjoying water splashing to your face.

You can see elo trees (a kind of banyan tree) that grow along the riverside, helping to give fresh and cool air. While enjoying the nature of Elo River and the cascades, the fresh atmosphere will hypnotize you and the 10 kilometers journey will seem like a moment.

Throughout this rafting trip, you will cross the calm and harsh currents of the river. When the boat is on a calm flow of river, the river guide may suggest a game for all the participants, such as standing up on the edge of the boat and holding hands. Good teamwork will keep the boat stable, but the river guide always makes a move to distract team members and it makes them fall into the river. Don't worry if you fall into the water, because this game is played on a shallow river.

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