East Java

Bromo Tengger National Park

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A lunaresque landscape of epic proportions and surreal beauty, Gunung Bromo is one of Indonesia’s most breathtaking sights.
Compared with Java’s other major peaks, Gunung Bromo (2392m) is a midget, but this volcano’s beauty is in its setting, not its size.

Rising from the guts of the ancient Tengger caldera, Bromo is one of three volcanoes to have emerged from a vast crater, stretching 10km across. Flanked by the peaks of Kursi (2581m) and Batok (2440m), the steaming cone of Bromo stands in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand, surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater’s edge. Nearby, Gunung Semeru (3676m), Java’s highest peak and one of its most active volcanoes, throws its shadow – and occasionally its ash – over the whole scene.

The immense size of the crater, the supernatural beauty of the scenery and the dramatic highland light really are something very special indeed. Mercifully, Bromo has completely escaped the tacky commercialism that besmirches many Indonesian beauty spots.

And though the local Tengger people may press you into accepting a horse ride across the crater bed, there’s little in the way of serious hassle, and it’s still very easy to connect spiritually with this sacred peak.

Gunung Bromo is at its ethereal best at sunrise, when the colours are most impressive, and virtually all tours are planned to enable you to experience the mountain at this time. But visibility is usually good throughout the day in the dry season, even though the slopes below Cemoro Lawang may be covered in mist. Later in the day you’ll also avoid the dawn crowds, especially during busy holiday periods. In the wet season it’s often bright and clear at dawn but quickly clouds over.

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