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Merapi Lava Tour

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Merapi lava tour is an extrem adventure travel by WILLYS JEEP through rocky road. The most interesting is the tourist will be invited to exploer the rest of eruption of Mount Merapi from various angles. Not only seeing the volcanoes but also people could be spoiled by the beauty of nature.

Prior to your tour, you would arrive at Kaliadem, the village located at the base of Mount Merapi. You will find a lot of jeep communities on Kaliadem that offer the off-road adventure to see the aftereffect of Merapi eruption. The tour will be led by a professional driver who doubles as a guide. Each jeep would be comfortable enough for 3 passengers but it can fit around 4 to 5 passengers.

The first destination on the itinerary is the mini museum “Sisa Hartaku” ( translated as “My Remaining Treasure Museum”). This museum serves to inform visitors about the impacts of the last Merapi eruption. It is where you can see the extent of the destruction when the hot cloud (pyroclastic flow) hits the village.

The second destination is the Alien Stone. This unique big stone resembles a human face. If you see the stone from a different side, you can see another face. A picture can be taken on every location around the stone, and the guide would gladly elaborate on the origin and stories of this stone.

The third destination shall bring you to a bunker where two volunteers were trapped and died. It’s actually located 3 metres underground, layered with 25 cm thick iron. However, the 1000 degrees Celsius hot volcanic materials, such as dry lava, buried the bunker during the last eruption.

On the way back to base camp, the driver will take you off-road through rocky paths and a small river. The things that you need to prepare for this adventure is a jacket for the cold mountain weather and a face mask to avoid the dust, which will be provided by the driver.

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