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The beauty of the beach will be more stable when enjoyed from the top of the hill as the scenery in paragliding hills. Not complete it if visiting Parangtritis beach without visiting paragliding hills, more details again enjoying the sport skydiving, sport adrenaline and mental courage to face height. Start trialled in parangendog cliff. Somewhat unique call to “Paragliding Hills”, but the name has been phenomenal.

Parangendog hill and coastal sand dunes Parangkusumo is the most ideal training location in Jogja. Although not many people knew of the existence of this hill, but the prangendog hill was enough famous among the connoisseurs of paragliding. This place is considered to have the perfect criteria for Paragliding. Cliff with contours that fit the slope of the land to start early to spread the parachute before flying, as well as a broad sandy beach for a landing. The scenery of Parangendog, Parangtritis and Parangkusumo beach becoming a favorite among lovers of paragliding in Indonesia.

From the situation, the hill parangendog become an ideal alternative to flying location. Supported also by the existence of a high cliff with about 150 m extending towards the southeast coast, making the pilot is able to obtain a height of up to 600 m above sea level. This is ideal for pilots who want to explore the parachute to understand the character of the use of parachutes. Landing location was very convenient. 60 m wide stretch of sand extending up to tens of kilometers to the west.

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