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Sandboarding at Jogja Sand Dunes

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Located in Bantul, about 30 kilometers to the southern side of Jogja. The beach lies side by side with Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. If you visit the beach, try to enjoy its beauty from a different side. If most visitors commonly enjoy only the swashing wave of the southern beach, try something unique which, in Indonesia, might be possible to do only in Jogja. Race your adrenaline by sandboarding. Such sport is similar to snowboarding. While snowboarding is performed on snow, sandboarding is done across a sand dune, one of the rare phenomena in the world. Across this sand dune, we can enjoy the sensation of surfing from 5-7 meter of height on a surfing board. This sport can also be performed by kids as long as they are wear safety tools.

The uniqueness and beauty characterizes its own because we felt free in the vast universe. Do not have far to go to the Middle East and Africa because Indonesia had also had. In addition to being a tourist, this place is also a research center and there is a museum Geospatial sand dunes located on the western side sand dunes. Even at this point the plan will be submitted to the World Heritage Site by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Why is that? It turns sand dunes is the only one in the Southeast Asian region and is only found in 4 countries. Uniquely this phenomenon should occur in dry areas and not in tropical regions such as Indonesia.

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